I recently visited this newly opened King Square Physiotherapy near 404/ 16th Ave and like this place, neat and quiet. Their therapists are experienced and friendly. After one hour body massage, I felt a big relief to my entire muscles. Really want to recommend to anyone in need. It's worthy to try!

I have been going to Bernie and Ting since they started their business. They are very friendly and have always been able to provide relief to my muscle tension caused by day-to-day stress working at the computer. Give it a try!

Ting has been my massage therapy for 8 years. Ting is very professional and experienced, she always able to relieve my muscle pain due to my occupation. give it a try, you won't regret it.

I have been a Ting's patient. I have had back, shoulder pain for many years. It is Ting to use her exceptional and combined massage and acupuncture skills to release my serious pain these years. One time, I felt I had headache and decide to see Ting for acupuncture. My headache was disappeared after I was accepted the acupuncture treatment. Recently, I have had a sharp pain at low back and couldn't move at all. Ting came to my home immediately after I called her. Ting used combined massage and acupuncture treatments releasing the tightness in my back. I am glad to know Ting. Ting has had strong medical background in China and has been continuing to learn new medical knowledge these years. Ting has always been trying her best to meet individual needs and let her clients to relax from physical and mental. If you need massage or acupuncture treatment, I would recommend Ting for you.

I have to sit down in front of the monitor and my fingers dancing on the key broad more than 8 hour a day. For years to work with computer that I have developed chronic pain at my neck, shoulder, elbow and back. A lot of Massage Therapists complaint that my muscles are always stiff.

I have tried different Massage Therapists for my pain relief; I had not found one that could cure my pain. Few years ago, my friend referred Ting to me; I found Ting applies different massage technique on relief my pain. I felt more pain at the first couple treatments, but I enjoyed more comfortable and the longer period of time the pain was gone.

Ting also applied cupping treatment to me. I felt cupping work more effective on my stiff muscle. Also, cupping works very effectively on my earlier stage of cold. Since then, I seldom take the medicine and sick off. I come to Ting for the treatment whenever the pain come back or cold is developed.

I truly recommend Ting for all friends for the treatment.